A new puzzle game for PC/Mac/Linux!
Scare every tenant meddling in your manor. Use powers at your disposition to haunt and scare. 
Become a Poltergeist!
We are on Steam Greenlight!
The Game
Have you ever wondered what it feels to be a ghostly being?

You are now the ghost of Mr. Henry B. Knight, looking to drive away everyone who dares to enter your manor. You will have to scare everyone to claim your home back. From innocent little dogs, to ghost-busters and priests who think they can surpass your powers.

Watch them run and scream, scaring them using your intelligence and wit, and with the use of powers like possessions, specters, altering objects and more. Have fun with each level, play with the occult... and become a Poltergeist!
Work in progress of the current version!
Images from the prototype version!
Stay informed!
About Us
Our names are Italo Capasso and Diana Pacheco and we are located both in Bogotá, Colombia.
We now are making great efforts into making games for everyone. We hope you like the games we make in the future!
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